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2010-09-10 Bark Hoppin’ After Dark

As summer comes to and end, getting to the dog park after work before dark becomes a challenge.  On this Friday night Scraps and Rags got to Central Dog Park at 7:00 and while it wasn’t nighttime, it was getting dark.  I guess I have to learn to use a flash or get a new lens.  We stayed at the Central Dog Park for a half our.  Rags had a good play and run with both small Molly Gold and Scraps.  Scraps and Rags had a pretty good chase going on, rare for the two of them and we saw a couple of Beagles we had never seen before.

Since it got dark early we took advantage of the Denville Dog Park with the warm glow of their amber lights.  No enough light for photography but enough light where the dog park is open until 9:00.  We stayed there for 45 minutes or so and left with Goji on our way out to pick up some Carmel Haiffa Diner, Route 202 in Morris Plains.  It’s nice to have the option of the Denville Dog Park with their lights as the days get shorter.

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2010-09-08 Central Dog Park

It was a nice Wednesday evening, warm but with a stiff breeze.  Scraps and Rags rodes with us on the bikes over to the Central Park Dog Park.  Spent most of the time in the large dog park and ended the night in the small dog park.  I would welcome Max, the collie pup to the dog park and the blog except for the fact his father won’t let him play with the other dogs in the park.  Nevetheless, hopefully we will see Max one day inside the fences and off leash.

As usual there were lots of dogs at the dog park and I think Scraps did really well with the variety of large dogs that came in his face tonight.  In addition, Rags was also acting pretty good.  A cute little dog we saw in the little dog park was Rufus, so I will welcome him to this blog.  I also recall a cool looking bull Terrier named Samson, so I welcome him also.  Unfortunately, the sun wasn’t on my side and my pictures aren’t great.

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2010-09-06 Central Dog Park on a busy Labor Day afternoon

On this picturesque ending of summer, Scraps and Rags jumped on the back of our bikes to enjoy our beloved Central Park dog park and today didn’t disappoint.  It is Labor Day Monday and it’s hot but not humid and a genuinely great afternoon for fun at the dog park.

We played in the small dog park for a while with the Westies, Lewis and Clark, who are new to the blog.  We also met Gracie who was large for a Jack Russell mix.  Scraps also found this small schnauzer named Hanz who he was trying to hump and he had nothing else on his mind while he was around.  He never pulled the trigger or completed his mission because Lewis and Clark kept interrupting his progress.  I didn’t stop him from humping the air, truly a missed opportunity.  Chester was also there sporting a new hair cut.

After leaving the small dog park we ventured into the large dog park we found a whole bunch of running and playing dogs as well as some sunlight for some nice photos. There were so many dogs at the park on this afternoon that it is impossible to recognize all of them, but I will mention a few.  We met Trent the friendly huskie who Rags only had a little problem with.  We know Fargoe the huskie from the Denville dog park and he makes Rags bark like the bitch that she really is.  It is therefore difficult to say if it is Fargoe or the huskie itself that makes her go crazy.  We also met a cool looking besengi named Einstein.  The other day at Rags’ agility debut someone mentioned they thought Rags had some besengi in her.  I had never heard of the breed and lo-and-behold there is a besengi at the dog park.  The last dog I’ll recognize and welcome to the blog is a black standard dog named Lucy.  I only know that because her name shows up so well on some of the photos.

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That’s about it for this summer which began with the maturation of the photo blog and now ends with the morphing of the blog into the  This came with the opening of Morris County’s new Dog Park at Central Park.  It been wonderful photographing all the dogs and video taping all the fun they have.  I look forward to the changing of the seasons and the beautiful kaleidoscope this dog park will become on a few special days as the trees change their colors, so stayed tuned for more fun at the dog park.

2010-09-01 – Bark-Hopping ‘Round Town

Scraps and Rags haven’t been to the Denville dog park in quite some time so we wanted to head over there and say hello to some of their buddies.  This time around, there were lots of our old buddies running about.  The sun was setting but the dogs were playing in its glow and I was able to get some good photos from the warmly lit Denville dog park.

Does anyone know this dog's name?

It was nice that I was able to practice a little agility jumping with Rags as she is going to be running in her first pseudo-official agility run (jumpers only) this Saturday.  Scraps will also be running but this is routine practice for him at this point.  As usual, Rags was totally annoying and unsocial to Fargoe, I feel terrible about that relationship.  Good thing Fargoe is so even tempered cause he would and should have eaten Rags for dinner.  I don’t want to fail to mention that Charlie had an on-going humpfest with MollyGold’s leg.  Nothing was enough for Charlie tonight.

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After Denville we moseyed on down to the Central Park dog park to play with a few little dogs on the way home.  There we saw Yoshi and Phoebe as well as Spike who is now officially named and recognized on the blog, so welcome Spike. Actually you can see him on yesterday’s posting featured prominently in the video.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos or videos to show from our time at the Morris County dog park.