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2010-11-07 Central Dog Park on Sunday Afternoon

This was the weekend we changed the clocks back so it we knew it was going to get late early.  Scraps and Rags therefore headed to the dog park around 11:30 so not to experience that depressing early darkening that today brings.  In addition and more importantly, the Giants had the 4:00 p.m. game so we had to get our dog park fun in early.  Giants kicked some Seahawk butt, by the way, and spared their quarterback for some reason.

Once again, today was a beautiful fall day.  It was cool but the bright sun kept everyone warm and happy.  This brought the dogs out as the dog park was crowded, proving once again how successful this dog park is and what a great resource it is four us and our dogs.

Scraps and Rags first went to the small dog park as there were a dozen or so small ones running about.  Sebastian, Rory, GracieWhite and others played and wrestled and had a great time.  That Rory has a lot of energy.  We met a little dog named Gizmo, she was the only new dog’s name I recall so let’s welcome her to the blog and it’s Tag filter feature.

We then went to the big dog park and there was still a little color in the trees but the dogs were the real stars of the day.  Lots of cool new dogs in the big dog park, running in the sun and also wrestling.  We finished our visit at 1:20 and headed home.  Enjoy these sunny daytime photos as the week ahead only provides a closed dog park after the days early darkness.  Is Spring here yet?

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2010-08-11 Denville Dog Park before sunset but in the clouds

Scraps and Rags haven’t been at the dog park for over a week as we were all busy competing in a dog agility trial over the week end.  We got there pretty early, before most of the other dogs.  At the park were SammyBlack, Goji, Phoebe and a new dog to us and the blog, Cookie a Golden who quickly pinned Scraps against the fence and overwhelmed him in a pretty frightening manner.  He then proceeded to do the same to Rags.  We boogied into the small dog park and threw a few balls around until Cookie left. I hope we don’t meet him again.

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We then re-joined the rest of the safe dogs in the main area.  A whole bunch of dogs began to arrive around 6:00 p.m. and the dog park was about as busy as I have seen it since we have gone there.  I count 23 dogs and I probably missed 1 or 2.  Unfortunately, the clouds rolled in and the light was not there to effectively capture all the action in all it glory.  I did what I could.  There is probably better video than there is photography.  Let me not forget that also new to the blog arriving late before I left were Tucker, Maggie and Carter. Finally, while Cindy came right as we left, I don’t think I got any pictures of her, but if I gave Cookie a mention after what he did to Scraps and Rags, I didn’t want to forget Cindy.

2010-07-23 Denville Dog Park before and after sunset

Once again, after visiting the new Morris County dog park by Greystone, Scraps and Rags headed on over to the tried and true Denville Dog Park for a visit with some of their friends.  Just to report, while there are no amenities like water, seats or garbage pails, the new dog park looks like it is secure to use with a nice fence around both the small dog park, which is nicely shaded and the rolling grass fields of the main area.  It is worth checking out if you want to give you dog a place to really run.  In Denville tonight, there were no new dogs but plenty of old friends to share the humidity with.

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2010-07-22 Denville Dog Park before and after sunset

On my way to the Denville Dog Park I noticed the competition, the new Morris County Dog Park by Greystone, and it was having a soft opening.  The fence was completed for the small dog park and Scraps and Rags decided to check it out before we all headed to the Denville Dog Parkas planned.  Will I need to set up a Morris County Dog Park blog or do I join forces with DenvilleDogPark.com?  I will likely have and new one for that dog park while setting up links between to two so you can follow Scraps and Rags where ever they play.

When I made it to the Denville Dog Park there were a few new dogs that showed up.  They include Charlie the brown lab, who I will tag as CharlieBrown.   Then there was Molly the golden dog and GracieTan the Buddy look alike  Finally, there was Riley the majestic long-haired auburn German Shepard with the amber eyes.  Then there were lots of the rest of the ordinary crowd.

To view a slideshow of the photos in Picasa Web albums go to the link below: