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2010-11-13 Central Dog Park on Saturday Afternoon

A sunny Saturday afternoon at Morris County’s Central Park dog park welcomed Scraps and Rags and a whole host of other dogs, big and small.  The beautiful weather really brings out the dogs and they all seemed to have a good time.  Scraps and Rags were able to meet their across the street neighbor, Cloe who Rags barks at on the street so they never had a real chance to meet in peace.  It hardly mattered, Rags still barked at her in the dog park but they were a little more friendly to each other.  Trace was the cool Jack Russell that like to elevate.

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2010-05-30 – Denville Dog Park Just After Sunset

Scraps and Rags joined the fun at the dog park at 7:10 on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.  Besides Darby and Quick who have been on this blog before, there were 4 new dogs to join in on the blog including Molly, Charlie, Lola and Cloe.  The sun set behind the mountains by the time we arrived.  While this must have been nice for those already at the park since it was hot with the sun out, I just missed out on glowing sunlight for the pictures.  Nevertheless, I was able to capture what I could of the action.   Charlie was getting anyone excited that he could and Molly and Darby had a good fight and tug-of-war. Quick chased the ball back and forth and Cloe somehow survived.

To view a slideshow of the photos in Picasa Web albums go to the link below: