Central Dog Park

Morris County’s Central Park has a dog park which opened up on August 14, 2010 to a whole bunch of fan-fare.  Then on August 29, 2010 we had our first Dinner with Your Dogs event to raise funds for the continued improvement of the dog park.

Original Dog Park Plan

Dog Park rules as posted on September 1, 2010

18 responses to “Central Dog Park

  1. does anyone know when the park will be open again?

  2. would be nice if you noted the park is closed…

  3. kathleen Peschetti

    Hi, I agree with Kathy, can you post when the re-opening will be? We love this park can’t wait to go back. I’ve went out of my way several times to see if it’s open yet. I don’t bring the dog because he get’s so excited thinking he’s going in.

  4. Called the park yesterday again to see when it might re-open was advised maybe another 10 business day

  5. Please reopen the park soon. Our furry friends need it desperately!

  6. I’m wondering is the current weather delaying things even more?
    Is there any website that gives the latest on reopening date?

  7. Does anyone know who owns the Pitbull Dahlia?
    The owner refuses to give his name and I’m tired of seeing his dog bite other dogs and their owners. This is a truly dangerous dog and the situation needs to be addressed!!!!!

  8. I know this dog Dahlia. I have seen her repeatedly attack over and over and over.
    The owner fights with anyone who asks why he brings such a violent dog to the park. Someone should do something.

  9. Meredith Petrillo

    Tom if I were you I would get the license plate number off the vechicle he is driving and then call either the animal control officer or the park police and have them speak to the owner.

  10. This guy with his pitbull Dahlia is harassing and threatening women who are there alone. Don’t leave the park by yourself if you’re both there as his dog will follow you; have someone walk you to your car.

  11. I hope this crazy man his wild pitbull is no longer at the park. Reminds me of a small dog named Suzette. I was told her owner is a drunk and this person leaves when she see’s her coming. The dog doesn’t listen to her, and she’s always after my dog. Next time,
    I’m calling animal control on her. She’s suppose to leave when her dog acts up. She just calls her name and makes excuses.

  12. I hope everything was resolved. I saw the park yesterday and pretty excited to check this place out with my boxer/rod.ridgeback mix. If anyone has updates, Tips lmk

  13. Please leave the dog treats at home or in the car!!

    It is disruptive for my dog as he can smell it a mile away and then won’t play or get the exercise he needs because he won’t leave you alone. That might annoy you, but that’s your problem.

    Also leave the kids at home too!

  14. Does anyone know of this dog park is still open (given the current Covid-19 Pandemic)?

  15. Please post a copy of the dog park rules by all the gates in the central dog park. The parks are getting very crowded and 99 % are well behaved, out for for a day of fun and have responsible owners. BUT the remainder ignore the rules, don’t clean up waste ( an extreme health hazard to both humans and dogs) and ignore the rules.
    There are some aggressive dogs and owners on their phones! Please stay home if you can’t give your dog 15 minutes of attention.

    A copy of the rules at each entrance , please.

  16. I have been reluctant to take my Golden Retriever to the dog park in fear of aggressive dogs. I started taking in in the morning and it was great, he got the energy out and the dogs were well behaved. Tonight I decided to take him to get the energy out and there was a small dog mounting many other the dogs, sounded aggressive, at first was coming at my dog who was happily running around being social. The owner leashed him and then for what ever reason decided to unleash again. My golden was once again a target and not only that first dog, but two others started to become aggressive and fighting with my dog. My dog yelped, I tried to step in to stop it, but it was becoming too much of a situation and was worried I would be bit. Two of the owners tried to pull their dogs. I decided to immediately leave, because I didn’t see any of the aggressive dog owners planning to take initiative. As we were trying to leave two of the dogs continued to go at my dog. Again WHY did the owners not already have them leashed.

    I thought the policy was the first sign of your dog being aggressive, you need to leave. I over estimated adults taking responsibility for their dogs. Such a let down because I just started to believe this would be a great place to go.

    If my dog, myself or my 9 year old was bit in the situation, or anyone that this may happen to….it’s just such a let down.

    Control your dogs…leave if your dog can’t control his behavior with mounting and if your dog starts fighting with another dog, why should the behaved dog be the one leave. Oh well, I tried to give it a chance.

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