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2010-09-23 Central Dog Park on a Fall Thursday Evening

This is my first opportunity to take Scraps and Rags to the Central Dog Park now that Fall has arrived.  Though the weather still felt nice a summery, the days are getting shorter and the sunlight is getting more precious.  While I do love the new Central Dog Park, as I call it, I do see myself taking Scraps and Rags over to Denville as that dog park has lights.  Though not as nice as Central Dog Park during the day, at least the Denville Dog Park has lights and remains open all year long until 9:00 p.m.  For this reason alone, I would welcome and suggest to all those that haven’t joined the Denville Dog Park to do so, for your dog’s sake.  They don’t want to be cooped up all winter anymore than you do, and you won’t be able to bring them to Central Dog Park after work in the winter.  Click here to find out more about the Denville Dog Park.  It is just up the road from Central Dog Park.

There weren’t any dogs in the small dog park so we went all went right to the large one and met up with Patches who came running over to Scraps but didn’t see to care thereafter; strange?  There was this nice family of 4 small dogs we met when we first walked in including a cute white fluffy Pierre.  I forget the other 3 dogs names. There was a real cool play session between a little Boston looking terrier and a mutt-a-doodle type of dog.  It was just as precious and the waning sunlight.

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2010-09-19 Central Dog Park on a Sunday Afternoon

With the Jets playing the Patriots at 4:00 and the Giants playing the Colts at 8:00, it afforded many people the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Sunday afternoon sunshine with the dogs at the dog park.  After finishing her second week of beginners agility training on Sunday morning, Rags grabbed her brother Scraps and the bicycles and we all headed over to the dog park.

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When we got there we discovered many dogs in the small dog park including tiny little  RoxyChi who we met yesterday, Phoebe, Lewis and Clark and other came and went.  This may have been the most crowded day we have had at the new dog park.  At one point I tried to count and I estimate 40 dogs were in the large dog park with probably 10 more in the small.  It was a great day and all the dogs seem to play well together.

After spending a while in the small dog park we entered the big one and did a lap.  There we met Trace, a wiry-haired Jack Russell.  There was the Carin Terrier named Guinness.  Many new dogs to add to the blog.  We then sat down with the big dogs in the shade and enjoyed their play.  We saw this other white haired Jack Russell named Luna with a grey patch over her left eye.  There was also Oliver the Bassett Hound.  Wow, there were a lot of dogs and it was just so comfortable, everyone was just relaxing on the lawn while their dogs played.  We spent 2 to 2 and a half hours at the park without batting an eye.  We eventually ended up in the small dog park to close the day and the weekend.  We are still enjoying this great dog park as its popularity keeps growing.  It really has been a great gift to us.

2010-09-18 Central Dog Park, Late Afternoon Session

While the morning session at the dog park was a bit overcast, the sun pushed through the clouds in the afternoon to present us with a magnificent Saturday. We didn’t take the bikes this time and got there just in time for a few precious rays of the sunlight peaking over the park’s trees.  Scraps and Rags followed me to the big dog park to take advantage of the waning light.

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We were in the large park for a half hour, without walking the trail,  and then spent another half hour in the small dog park and left.  There were lots of dogs all over. There were bigs one, medium ones and lots of small ones including Roxy and smallest Chihuahua I have ever seen. Between this runt and a few other tiny ones, there was more yelping pretending to be barking than I could shake a stick at.

2010-09-18 Central Dog Park, Late Saturday Morning

After getting a little breakfast at the nearby Morris Plains farmers market and craft show, we took our bikes and Scraps and Rags down Graniss Avenue over to the Central Park dog park.  It was surprising empty when we arrived around 11:00 with only little Simba in the small dog park.  We played with him for a little while before walking the trail in the big park.  There we met 2 French Bull Dogs, one named Bowie who was black with a black dot in the white stripe on his head.  The other one was mostly white but I didn’t catch his name.

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By the time we left at close to leaving time the sun came out and so did the dogs.  There was both a nice crowd in the big dog park as well as the small dog park by the time we left at 12:15 so we took one last little jaunt in the small dog park before we left.  There is a good chance we will be back for a late afternoon session so stay tuned.