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2010-09-17 – Central Dog Park from Dusk till Closing

It was the end of a long week where Scraps and Rags were working like dogs, so they enjoyed the nice relaxing bicycle ride over to the Central Park dog park where there were lots of other dogs also thanking G-d it was Friday.  Scraps and Rags first hung out in the small dog park where we saw Max the puppy collie come into the park and play with the dogs.  I even ran a lap with him while he was nibbling at my side pocket.  he’s getting big fast.  It was a bit dark for good pictures but I got what I got.  We also saw the cute little Lenny who we saw a long time ago at the Denvilledog park but this was the first time we have seen him here.

We then headed into the big dog park where we saw a Great Dane and Scraps found his boyfriend Patches.  We did a nice walk around the the trail and then biked on home.  An enjoyable Friday evening and we all look forward to some weekend fun at the dog park as the weather is looking mighty fine.

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2010-09-12 Central Dog Park in a Misty Dusk

After a Sunday that had rain and a Giant victory to open the 2010 football season, Scraps and Rags found themselves at the dog park with a few other dogs venturing their way out of their homes at around 6:30 p.m..  The dog park this evening was a much different experience than the previous nighs.  It was wet and pretty empty, only a few dogs were present and it had a eerie presence to it.

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2010-09-11 Central Dog Park – Double Dose Saturday

It really was a beautiful Saturday so while we played at the dog park a little in the morning, the magnificence of the day was beckoning us back to the canines.  We were planning on going to the Denville dog park for the pre-dinner session but while passing the Central Dog Park we could resist pulling in when we saw such a nice large crowd.

In the small dog park was GracieWhite Spike. a couple of puppies, a little puppie who was freaked by the camera and four Dachshunds of various sizes.  We saw Gretsch  while in the small dog park and eventually wandered into the big dog park to hang out with the bigger guys.  While in the morning we had hounds and shepherds, the evening session seemed to have a lot of pit bulls.  The were all very friendly and we had another fun dog park experience. We also me Tara later on a fast little mutt a bit bigger than Scraps but with similar markings.

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2010-09-11 Central Dog Park on a Saturday Morning

Before biking to the Morris Plains Farmers Market, Scraps and Rags joined us for an enjoyable hour or so at Central Dog Park.  There weren’t any dogs in the small dog park when we arrived at 10:40 a.m. so we did a lap around the big dog park and then hung around the center area of the big dog park watching shepherds and hounds play on the rolling waves of grass.  We also saw this really cool looking dog who was a little bigger than Scraps called Tallulah who wore a bell around her neck, so she is now known and welcomed as TallulahBelle to this blog.  Finally we heard an owner referring to his dog as Scrappy, so that may be the other Scraps that lurks around this neck of the woods.

At 11:30  we went to the small dog park to throw a ball around with Scraps.  This is where we met Baci, a really cute brown toy poodle weighing in at 6 pounds.  Baci loved to run after and jump for his tennis ball.

Since the sun was still rising over the eastern sky when we got there I was able to get lots of pictures of dogs with plenty of light in their faces.  This helped capturing the expressions of the dogs especially with some of the darker dogs.  This is quite a comparison to the dark photos I was stuck with from last night‘s trip to both the Morris County and Denville dog parks.

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