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2011-02-06 Central Dog Park in the Snow

The hair style being sported by Rory is precious!

Super Bowl Sunday at the dog park brought some of the nicest weather of the winter as the temperatures approached the 40s in strong sunlight.  It was warm enough to soften the icy crust on the snow making a nice comfortable environment for the Scraps and Rags.

We all arrived around 11:45 and stayed for an hour and a half.  The snow didn’t seem to bother the dog’s feet too much.  Maybe the musher’s wax we used on their paws helped.  We bought that years ago and haven’t tried it much, but figured we would give it a go today.

We spent about an hour in the small dog park as we watched Rory and Sebastian do what they do. Gracie White also found someone to play with and Scraps chased balls while Rags took it all in, rarely getting involved in a running scuffle. We did meet the cute little Enzo in the small dog park who  enjoyed playing with Rory and looked like a lot of fun.

After the small dog park thinned out we went into the large  dog park.  The must have been 20 dog in there.  In there I met Karachi, a big tan sleek dog by catching his name on his tag in a photo.  We welcome Enzo and Karachi to the dog park blog.

The sun was out for the most part and it gave me a great opportunity to photograph the dogs.  There were “snow” many good pictures, so check them out.

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2010-08-11 Denville Dog Park before sunset but in the clouds

Scraps and Rags haven’t been at the dog park for over a week as we were all busy competing in a dog agility trial over the week end.  We got there pretty early, before most of the other dogs.  At the park were SammyBlack, Goji, Phoebe and a new dog to us and the blog, Cookie a Golden who quickly pinned Scraps against the fence and overwhelmed him in a pretty frightening manner.  He then proceeded to do the same to Rags.  We boogied into the small dog park and threw a few balls around until Cookie left. I hope we don’t meet him again.

To view a slideshow of the photos in Picasa Web albums go to the link below:

We then re-joined the rest of the safe dogs in the main area.  A whole bunch of dogs began to arrive around 6:00 p.m. and the dog park was about as busy as I have seen it since we have gone there.  I count 23 dogs and I probably missed 1 or 2.  Unfortunately, the clouds rolled in and the light was not there to effectively capture all the action in all it glory.  I did what I could.  There is probably better video than there is photography.  Let me not forget that also new to the blog arriving late before I left were Tucker, Maggie and Carter. Finally, while Cindy came right as we left, I don’t think I got any pictures of her, but if I gave Cookie a mention after what he did to Scraps and Rags, I didn’t want to forget Cindy.