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2010-08-31 – Morris County Central Dog Park – Biked Over Before Sunset

Though it was before sunset, the more than ample shade in the small dog park means there is rarely enough light for me to capture some good action shots. When we biked over to the dog park with Scraps and Rags we found TopDog was there with his 3 little frankfurters walking to large dog park loop. We also saw Chester and Bailey from Denville dog park in the small dog park. There wasn’t a lot of playing but it was a nice night to spend time with your dogs in the dog park with the companionship of another canine pal or two. Rags was a little tired from spending the afternoon on the kayak with me paddling the Pasaaic River. Before too long we biked on back home in the darkening twilight.

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2010-08-29 Dinner With Your Dogs

This was our first Dinner With Your Dogs event with Scraps and Rags and as a fund raiser for the great new dog park which we enjoy so much, it was worth every penny and we appreciate everyone’s efforts in putting it together.  It was such a nice night it was once again a total pleasure for the 3rd day in a row biking over to the dog park with the two dogs

With food provided by Hot Rods B-B-Q in Wharton, I was wondering how the dogs would behave with so much meat around.  They were all required to remain on leash in the eating area so it all worked out great.  I’m even surprised how well Rags behaved.  It was good that it was hot outside and she was a little pooped.

With the good BBQ food came a few short words by Denise Lanza who is like Morris County’s own Leslie Knope, for you Parks and Recreation fans.  She has been instrumental in getting the dog park implemented as well as Frank Alai who also spoke a few words.  Frank also provided the cold 1/2 keg of Bud which on a hot day with pulled pork went down mighty nice.  While I a lot of pictures of dogs currently known as ?-Dog, I didn’t ask about many names so I only have two new dogs to add to the blog’s tag list who is Daisey, the Bassett Hound.  Secondly, there was a dog named Larry which freaked me out when his mother kept saying over my shoulder, “Larry, you’re such a good boy, you are the best.”  I mean I often hear that but it is usually from some one I know.  Let’s welcome Daisey, Larry, and all the ?-Dogs to the blog and give  a hearty cheers to the new dog park.

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Come and Get It!

2010-08-28 – Saturday in Dog Park

It was a gorgeous Saturday in late August so we decided to bike ride with Scraps and Rags over to the Central Dog Park after breakfast and then head to the Morris Plains farmers market thereafter.  It was a great plan and well executed.  When we got to the dog park we saw a few of our friends from the Denville Dog Park including the poodles, Lily, Ollie and Grace.  Phoebe was also there for a little while.

There were 5 or 6 small dogs that we hung out with including Henry and Hamlet.  We also saw Ringo for the first time at the dog park.  It was nice that we were able to enjoy the tent and chairs staged for tomorrows Dinner With Your Dogs fund raiser.  We all look forward to that event as the weather is looking to be mighty fine for that one.

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2010-08-26 – Bark-Hopping ‘Round Town

A dog agility trial for Scraps the Dog over the previous weekend with some wet weather has meant we haven’t been to the dog park for the past 6 days.  In addition, Scraps and Rags haven’t been to the Denville Dog Park since August 13, so I felt obliged to head on over to Zeek Road and see if we could catch up to a few friends from Denville.

I passed the Central Dog Park on the way over to Denville and there was a lot of excitement there.  Nevertheless, I continued to the Denville Dog Park, it has better sunlight for pictures anyway.  I was there just after five, which is typically too early for most dogs, and only Isabelle and Roxy were there.  Later on a new dog to the park and blog showed up named Bruno.  Scraps and Rags got along well with everyone.

We stayed, played, did a little agility took a few photos and let’s not forget the simultaneous poops.  We all then “bark-hopped” on over to Central Park Dog Park.  The place was buzzing with excitement.  A good mix of 10-15 small dogs made it a lot of fun when we got there.  Other Denville Dog Park turn-coats we found lurking around there were Phoebe and Chester.  There were way too many dogs to try to know names, but one I recall is Lexi the super tiny, soft brown hot-dog.

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