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2010-08-20 – Morris County Central Dog Park – Biked Over Before Sunset

TGIF and Scraps and Rags were all excited to prepare for the weekend with a trip to the Central Dog Park after their dinner.  We loaded them up on the back of our bikes and pedaled on down to the dog park on a beautifully just over a flat mile away from home.  This was the type of experience we were hoping for with the opening of the new dog park and this Friday evening’s nice weather afforded us the opportunity to hit up this new dog park in style.

Already early in its existence, this dog park has attracted many people and tonight we had a nice crowd of dogs including many small ones.  We saw some of our doggy buddies from the Denville Dog  Park including Jax and Chester.   Best of all, Scraps found a cute little doggy buddy named Patches who hung out with Scraps from the moment they first laid noses on each other.  We walked laps around the dog park and Patches followed us around with Scraps.  They really hit it off.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do a good job on taking pictures and I am stuck with what I have.  It’s a difficult place to get good pictures with the trees blocking the sun from many angles.  I’m going to have to focus, pardon the pun, concentrate and learn how to get good pictures in the more sun-challenged environment of the Central Dog Park.

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2010-08-14 – Morris County Central Dog Park – Grand Opening

Scraps and Rags have visited the new Central Park Dog Park before it was officially opened and we have reported on it on a few occasions while going to or coming from the Denville dog park; see 7/22/2010 and 7/23/2010.  On this overcast yet delightful Saturday morning, Morris County came together to celebrate the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for the new dog park located in Central Park by Greystone.

Denise Lanza of the Morris County Park Commission hosted the event with several local dignitaries in attendance as well as a hundred or so people and dogs waiting for the opening of this park.  All the dogs leashed in fairly tight quarters during the quick ceremony were all remarkably well behaved.

Surrounded by his other “mucky-mucks,” I’m just kidding, dignitaries, Freeholder Director Gene Feyl cut the ribbon  on the front gate and Freeholder Deputy Director Bill Chegwidden accompanied his dog into the park.  I’m telling you, that dog took off like a bat out of hell running with joy in his step with the freedom a large dog park like this one affords him.

The one essential person who was missing from the grand opening was Francis Alai, a.k.a. Top Dog.  He has been instrumental in getting this dog park going with organizing the local dog community to support the new dog park, coordinating fund raising events and so much more that I can’t even imagine how hard he must have worked to make this a reality.  It was a beautiful day and you sense Frank’s optimism shining upon this great event and dog park.

The location of the dog park is on  a great piece of property with a natural, shaded and intimate small dog park area.  Then there is the expansive rolling grassy steppes of the large dog park area.   While the dog park’s man-made amenities are currently limited to a perimeter fence, gates, pop bags, waste receptacles, and a small parking area, the natural beauty of the site speaks for itself.  Trees and grass abound and present a comforting natural feeling, but don’t be fooled into a false sense of security, there are also bugs and ticks to look out for so were are going to have to be cautious when going to this park.

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Unfortunately, I didn’t notice that my camera was set incorrectly until it was too late and most of my photos were not good.  Nevertheless, there are a few good one worth looking at.  Additionally, I took some good video so we have something to remember this day by.

For us, the great thing about the new dog park is it is just over a mile from home. A nice half-hour walk gets us there or a 5-minute bike ride with the dogs riding in the rear gets us there in style with no hills to challenge us.   We arrive using bicycles today and it was great!

A unique thing about today’s grand opening is that there must have been 75 or so dogs in attendance.  This meant once the gates were opened, the fun and frolicking could begin.  Once we settled into the small dog park with Scraps and Rags, Scraps began to have a lot of fun with some of the other small dogs. He was having the time of his life chasing one like you rarely see Scraps run, he even got a quick hump or two in.  You could tell Scraps was feeling good and was on his game.

Finally, before we left we took advantage of the offer made by two artists from the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Arts to draw our dogs for a $5.00 donation to the dog park cause, we gave $20 though we have donated before.  In any case, we got these two great sketches of Scraps and Rags so that was worth the trip in and of itself.

We all look forward to using this new dog park, I’m sure it is going to take time away from our time spent at the Denville Dog Park.  Regarding this photo blog, I have decided to join Denville with the Morris County into one, since it keep my own life’s timeline in one place as I will be going to them both.    With that stated come join forces with the County Dog Park, you can even head on over, it is free for all, and it will be a free for all, it is just 5 minutes away down the hill and check out the luxurious grass, the ample room and the cooling shade and for now, bring your own water.  If you don’t like it, you can always head on back up the hill to the gated community in Denville.  Dog Park hopping is now an option.

2010-08-13 Denville Dog Park after sunset

Scraps and Rags arrived late on a cool “That G-d It’s Friday” missing all the good sunlight.  What we missed in sun and we gained in fun as lots of dogs were there when we arrived.  It was cool and they were playful.  New to us and the blog were three dogs tonight including Mr. Strudel who Scraps had a thing for which was good to see, Sunny and Bella the wildly striped dog.

We all have to get our sleep as the opening of the new Morris County Central Park Dog Park opens tomorrow.  I personally don’t like the name of it, I think it should be called Dog Park central.  Nevertheless, the four of us intend on riding our bikes over there tomorrow morning at 10:00 to celebrate the opening.   It should be a good time.  That is one big dog park!

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2010-08-11 Denville Dog Park before sunset but in the clouds

Scraps and Rags haven’t been at the dog park for over a week as we were all busy competing in a dog agility trial over the week end.  We got there pretty early, before most of the other dogs.  At the park were SammyBlack, Goji, Phoebe and a new dog to us and the blog, Cookie a Golden who quickly pinned Scraps against the fence and overwhelmed him in a pretty frightening manner.  He then proceeded to do the same to Rags.  We boogied into the small dog park and threw a few balls around until Cookie left. I hope we don’t meet him again.

To view a slideshow of the photos in Picasa Web albums go to the link below:

We then re-joined the rest of the safe dogs in the main area.  A whole bunch of dogs began to arrive around 6:00 p.m. and the dog park was about as busy as I have seen it since we have gone there.  I count 23 dogs and I probably missed 1 or 2.  Unfortunately, the clouds rolled in and the light was not there to effectively capture all the action in all it glory.  I did what I could.  There is probably better video than there is photography.  Let me not forget that also new to the blog arriving late before I left were Tucker, Maggie and Carter. Finally, while Cindy came right as we left, I don’t think I got any pictures of her, but if I gave Cookie a mention after what he did to Scraps and Rags, I didn’t want to forget Cindy.