2010-09-08 Central Dog Park

It was a nice Wednesday evening, warm but with a stiff breeze.  Scraps and Rags rodes with us on the bikes over to the Central Park Dog Park.  Spent most of the time in the large dog park and ended the night in the small dog park.  I would welcome Max, the collie pup to the dog park and the blog except for the fact his father won’t let him play with the other dogs in the park.  Nevetheless, hopefully we will see Max one day inside the fences and off leash.

As usual there were lots of dogs at the dog park and I think Scraps did really well with the variety of large dogs that came in his face tonight.  In addition, Rags was also acting pretty good.  A cute little dog we saw in the little dog park was Rufus, so I will welcome him to this blog.  I also recall a cool looking bull Terrier named Samson, so I welcome him also.  Unfortunately, the sun wasn’t on my side and my pictures aren’t great.

To view a slideshow of the photos in Picasa Web albums go to the link below:

One response to “2010-09-08 Central Dog Park

  1. This is too cool, forget agility for my dogs!

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