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2011-02-26 Central Dog Park on the Ice

With a few warm wet days earlier in the week, the winter’s heavy base of snow was finally yielding to the sun, grass and mud.  What was left on the dog park’s surface was a very slick ice, which at times was treacherous to navigate.  It wasn’t the most inviting environment, but the temperatures in the upper 30’s and a strong sun, Scraps and Rags were due for some dog park action.

There were only a handful of dogs so we first hung out in the large dog park.  We met several new dogs to the blog including Buster, a jet black Briard, which is a French sheep herding dog.  He was fun and doofie.  We also met Babe the ball chasing light-colored Jack Russell/Yorkie mix.  Then there was Babe’s brother Homer, who was a very stocky Jack Russell.  He was funny in that he walked a lap or two around the park by himself , like an old man, and then joined his sister and mother when he was done.  Marlie was a Golden that we may have met before, or not as MarlieGold.  We welcome all these new dog to the dog blog.  Spring is just around the corner and we look forward to welcoming a whole new crop of puppies.

While today there weren’t a lot of dogs at the park, the ice made for a interesting visit and the sunlight enabled me to get many good, well-lit photos of the dogs as they would slip and slide, so check them out.  They were active and having fun.

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2010-08-27 – Morris County Central Park Dog Park after Morristown Critical Mass Bike Ride

This being the last Friday of the month meant Scraps and Rags go on their monthly Morristown Critical Mass Bike Ride promoting better bicycle access and safety for our community.  Scraps and Rags love being on the bicycle. It being a beautiful Friday evening allowed us the opportunity to stray from the bike ride and head to the Central Park dog park instead.  It was a great concept biking from Morristown to Parsippany, where the dog park is actually located, and getting a full night of fun with the dog on the the bikes.

When we got to the dog park it was surprisingly empty for a really nice Friday night.  Nevertheless, Rags had a good run-in with Gracie Red Shoes.  We then did a real nice lap along the path, which is a great feature of the park.  We met and walked with Marlie a Golden along the way.

As the dog park keeps developing I saw for the first time posted rules and signs so that was good, it was a bit of a free for all for a while and I worry a dogs is going to get killed in the parking lot.