2010-08-27 – Morris County Central Park Dog Park after Morristown Critical Mass Bike Ride

This being the last Friday of the month meant Scraps and Rags go on their monthly Morristown Critical Mass Bike Ride promoting better bicycle access and safety for our community.  Scraps and Rags love being on the bicycle. It being a beautiful Friday evening allowed us the opportunity to stray from the bike ride and head to the Central Park dog park instead.  It was a great concept biking from Morristown to Parsippany, where the dog park is actually located, and getting a full night of fun with the dog on the the bikes.

When we got to the dog park it was surprisingly empty for a really nice Friday night.  Nevertheless, Rags had a good run-in with Gracie Red Shoes.  We then did a real nice lap along the path, which is a great feature of the park.  We met and walked with Marlie a Golden along the way.

As the dog park keeps developing I saw for the first time posted rules and signs so that was good, it was a bit of a free for all for a while and I worry a dogs is going to get killed in the parking lot.

One response to “2010-08-27 – Morris County Central Park Dog Park after Morristown Critical Mass Bike Ride

  1. Larry:
    What a shock I received when I saw my Gracie looking back at me when I found this site during a search for future events the dog park might have.
    The black and white is a great contrast study, it brings out the naked texture of her hair framing her eyes, draughing you in to those eyes. It makes you want to know what it is she is thinking about.
    Thanks for those views of my little girl.

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