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2011-02-27 Central Dog Park in the Melt

The last Sunday of February proved to be a much nicer day than yesterday as yesterday’s ice was turning to today’s slush.  Getting into the dog park was a muddy mess.  It’s what we all expected a few months ago thinking about the snow covering the dirt and we got it!  Not a good time to show up to the dog park without boots.  Just a suggestion if you plan on showing up in the next few days.

It was a tough day at the dog park for Scraps and especially Rags.  Rags and a tough little black dog named Addie got into a pretty fierce melee.  This wasn’t the first time they got into it like this so we have to watch out for that dog in the future.  Additionally, a new dog named Princess, a small scruffy little white dog also got into with Rags.  Then when we separated them, a Shepard named Bing started getting all riled up against both Scraps and Rags.  It was a tough time in the little dog park.

Bing and Princess were new to the park and blog, so I guess welcome to the two of them.  We also had a Sophie and Sophia, I think Sophia was the fluffy blackish-grey dog.  Finally we also had Leroy a dark brown Dachshund Toy-Poodle mix.  Welcome to all of them.

Though the schoolyard was a dog-eat-dog world, the skies outside were mostly sunny.  With the help of the sun I took some good action photographs, so check them out.

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