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2011-04-03 Lewis Morris Dog Park on a Beautiful Sunday

With the dog park at Central Park still closed for renovations and the fact that Scraps and Rags were the only dogs at Denville Dog park on the previous afternoon, we decided to check out the dog park at Lewis Morris Park. We haven’t been to that dog park for a long time but the weather was really nice and we had to go somewhere.  As they say, it was a dog day afternoon.

We headed to Lewis Morris Park fully intending to hike the trails but we figured we would see what was going on at the dog park first.  To our pleasant surprise, the place was packed.  There was even a handful of dogs in the depressing small dog park. With a handful of small dogs, that little plot of blacktop turned out to be a good time.

We hung in the dog park for a while and then decided to hike around the park.  When we got back to the dog park there were even more dogs around and more were on the way.  Though we only stayed in the small dog park, and there were many more dogs in the large park, we still met several new dogs to the dog park blog; so welcome in the food category Porkchop, Meatball and Tofu.  There was also the small dark grey furry dog named Gracie who we will call GracieGrey. There are a lot of Gracies out there and the name is taken. Finally, there was also Molly a cockerpoo, I believe, so we will refer to her as MollyPoo.  There are lots of Mollies also and that name is also taken.

A nice thing about the small tight dog park from a picture taking perspective  is that there is no shade and no where for the dogs to hide so I get more close-up than usual and a higher density of poses.  There are many good pictures so take a look.

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