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2010-10-18 Central Dog Park – Overcast Monday Afternoon

Scraps and Rags spent a couple of hours at the dog park this afternoon going from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  It was kind of cold because the sun wasn’t out but it really wasn’t too bad.

Initially in the small dog park, Scraps and Rags found a few small white dogs including a Westy named Oliver who we will welcome to the blog and refer to as OliverWest.    We then strolled into the large dog park where there seemed to be a lot of golden types.  We then headed back to the small dog park where we saw Rory the a Jack Russell, and Sebastian both chasing each other over a stick.  It was nice in that Rags eventually got involved in the chase.  We closed the evening back in the big dog park where Scraps and Rags had to contend with lots of dogs running around while Patches was making his presence known to them all.

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