Denville Dog Park

This dog park is open to members only with passes which are available to both Denville residents and non-Denville residents.  Since this website is unofficial, please refer to the Denville Township Website for up-to-date information. The information below was posted on the Township of Denville’s Website at the following link:

Dog Park Passes

  • Denville residents – Annual fee: $35.00 plus a one-time fee of $10.00 for the magnetic gate key.
  • Non-resident – Annual fee $50.00 plus a one-time fee of $10.00 for the magnetic gate key.

Required documentation for all passes

  • Proof that the dog is licensed by a NJ municipality
  • Proof that the dog is current on its shots (specific shots required are listed on the application)
  • Proof that the dog has had a negative fecal test with the last 6 months.
  • A completed dog park application form

For more information view the:

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  2. Hello, my name is Virginia Fasulo and I am a representative for the American Cancer Society. We are interested in holding a Bark For Life fundraising event this year for Denville and I was wondering if the Denville Dog Park would be a good venue for this event. It would take place between 9 and 1 on a Saturday in August. We would have a dog walk of between 1 and 2 miles and activities, entertainment, contests, prizes and more. If anyone is interested in helping to plan this event, please feel free to contact me at (973) 285-8041. Thank you!


    • At least in the Denville dog park, you can report and get action on someone with an aggressive dog, or pit bull in small dog area – I can tell you Mt Olive dog park WILL allow that to happen – no rules/protection on small dog area – a lady with brown/white pit bull often uses small dog area in Mt Olive and refuses to leave. My tiny dog was also attacked in the small dog area in the Greystone park by a big dog named Ozzie, and I was told that happens with that dog often. That dog is not banned, shows up often in small dog area. My dogs safety is worth the $ of Denville’s run.

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