Help! – There was an Abandoned Doberman at the Dog Park

The message below was forwarded from the Morris County Park Commission regarding an apparent abandoned Doberman left at the Central Park Dog Park likely on the evening of Saturday, October 8, 2011.  Please Help! if you have any information.


I have received a call from the Parsippany Animal Control office that a Doberman was abandoned at the Central Park dog park this weekend – likely sometime in the evening on Saturday, and was discovered on Sunday. Can you please check with your members to see if anyone saw anything suspicious? Also, although this is our first situation like this, they reported that this is a common occurrence at dog parks so please be on the lookout for unaccompanied dogs. The Doberman was taken to the Parsippany shelter and inquiries for her adoption have already been made. Thanks.

One response to “Help! – There was an Abandoned Doberman at the Dog Park

  1. Andy and GracieRedShoe

    Did the officer give you the name of the dog if it was tagged? Maybe at least her color and age might stir someones memory. The owner may have visited the park with the dog before the abandonment.
    Before a rush to judgement, times are tough for all these days, and maybe the owner saw that the people who call the park their home park are good people and would take care of the dog. Not a excuse for abandonment rather than better ways of surrendering or finding a home for the dog, but they could have done alot worse. I’m glad there is a lot of love out there for looking to adopt the dog so fast.

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