One-Year Anniversary of the Dog Park at Morris County Central Park

Central Dog Park on August 14, 2010 - Opening Day

August 14, 2010 is when the dog park at Morris County’s Central Park officially opened for business and today we recognize this  special one-year anniversary.  Let’s take this opportunity to relive the year at the dog park through some of the pictures that were taken.  Click here to go back and read about the grand-opening of the dog park.

Scraps and Rags enjoying the foliage, Oct. 23, 2010

The dog park survived a brilliant opening end of summer and beautiful fall with all its foliage.   The winter was filled with large snow falls that never really melted throughout the season.   The snowfall and subsequent mud-basin left the large dog park scarred and missing a huge portion of its once original lush grass.  The Park Commission closed the entire park for most of March and April enabling repairs to the parking lot.  It was a very difficult winter.   When the dog park reopened the front half of the large dog park was closed and grass seeds were planted and the grass came back surprising well.  The back half of the park was then closed letting it rest its weary blades. This pattern seemed to have worked for this year but only time will tell how the dog park will survive under the heavy use it experiences.  The real bummer about this pattern is that it closes the perimeter path off to walk laps.  That was one of the great features of this dog park that we lost.  It would be great if they were able to figure out a way to cordon off the grass areas to lay fallow while they leave the perimeter path open for use all year ’round.

Short of providing more garbage pails inside the dog parks themselves, the dog park has been a real treat for Scraps and Rags during the past 12 months and we look forward to many additional years.  I have taken thousands of pictures and you can look at them all as described below.

50% of Profits From Sale of Photos Will Be Donated To Support the Dog Park – To view a slide show of the photos taken or to purchase downloads ($0.99/download), prints or other items go to my SmugMug link ( Fifty percent (50%) of all profit made from the sale of any items off of SmugMug will be donated back to the dog park, so get great photos of your dog and support our dog park.

2 responses to “One-Year Anniversary of the Dog Park at Morris County Central Park

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  2. Are dogs allowed to run without leashes or must a dogbe ONLY on a leash ????

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