2011-05-26 Central Dog Park and Memorial Day Parade News

With a freshly cut lawn, the dog park should have attracted more dogs tonight than it did but it is what it was.  When Scraps and Rags arrived around 5:30 Sebastian was pacing by his lonesome in the small dog park and his mom was so excited to see Scraps and Rags for him.  Not that my dogs did anything in the small dog park but their own personal business.  They paid no attention to Sebastian.  All they seemed to care about was that I was going to have to give them baths tonight, if you know what I mean.

We went into the large dog park which was like yesterday, only a handful of dogs, but today not as much playing.  It was hotter and no one wanted to come into the setting sun where I sat with Scraps and Rags and took whatever phot0s I could get.

50% of Profits From Sale of Photos Will Be Donated To Support the Dog Park – To view a slide show of the photos taken or to purchase downloads ($0.99/download), prints or other items go to my SmugMug link below. Fifty percent (50%) of all profit made from the sale of any items off of SmugMug will be donated back to the dog park, so get great photos of your dog and support our dog park.

Regarding this Saturday’s Memorial Day Parade in Morris Plains, the following message was sent by TopDog  about walking in it with your dog to show support for the dog park.  Scraps and Rags won’t be walking but will be there observing, like the photo from 2009 above, and cheering you all on.

Hellloooo, MCDOG:

THIS SATURDAY, May 28, 2011, join in with your pack mates marching in the Morris Plains Memorial Day Parade.  Meet us in Roberts Garden Park on Mountain Way.  Dress festively and attire your four legged friends the same.

Shape up starts at 8:30 at which time there is a Memorial service.  The parade itself starts at 9:00.  We will likely step off at about 10:00 if we have the same positioning as the last few years.  HOWEVER, getting to the muster site in a motor vehicle will be difficult, if not impossible, once the police start closing down the roads.  Therefore, Top Dog recommends that you get there early and have some fun interacting with the pack.

We’ll have some extra dogs if you have friends who want to come.  We also need a few dogless people to carry our banner.

This is big fun.  We join the parade heading south on Mountain Way, left on Rosedale, left again on 202, through town and past the cheering hordes.  The reviewing stand is in front of the Train Station, then under the railroad trestle and left onto Route 53 to the VFW Hall for some end of parade refreshment and fellowship.

If I’ve left out important detains, please let me know at topdog@mdcog.org and I’ll send out the missing information to everyone.

Top Dog


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