2011-01-01 Central Dog Park Sunny in the Snow on New Years Day

2011 is looking to be much brighter than 2010 if New Years Day is any indication.  Today was much brighter and warmer than yesterday.  This meant there were more dogs in the park.  Yesterday there were none in the small dog park, but today there was a nice mix.

By 12:30 Scraps and Rags got over their hangovers and dragged their haunches of of bed and to the dog park to play the other hungover dogs.  Today at the dog park we met Mozy, BaileyTan, a small happy playful tan dog and also Ginger, a slightly larger tan dog in the large dog park.  All three are new to the blogs tagging system, so welcome.

The small dog park was still covered with snow.  This kept it clean and fun to run around in but eventually Scraps’ feet seemed to get cold so we headed to the large dog park where there was more of the ground was showing through the previously melted snow.  With today’s high temperatures, the ground was much muddier than yesterday.  Rags does really like the mud at all; what a princess.

We left around 1:30 when the sun began to hide behind a blanket of clouds. Prior to the sun leaving I was able to take lots of good light drenched pictures so check them out and enjoy.  Happy New Year!

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2 responses to “2011-01-01 Central Dog Park Sunny in the Snow on New Years Day

  1. The last photo is amazing! You can even see the dirt/snow being kicked up behind.

  2. First time on the website and there she is! My dog DANA is the Chi/Doxie
    at the very top. She was having a great time on New Year’s day!

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