2010-11-28 Central Dog Park on Sunday Afternoon

Sunday was by far the nicest day of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Though cold, the strong sun combined with no winds made it a very nice day at Morris County’s dog park. There were a lot of dogs enjoying the opportunity to get out and enjoy the sunshine.  Scraps and Rags arrived around 11:00 to find no small dogs in the small dog park. The big dog park was quite active so we went into it only to find all the small dogs were in the big park.  It was good to see Sebastian survived and thrived.  Finally, you have to check out the variety of outfits worn by the dogs.

Most of the dogs were back at the far side of the park as the area where most people congregate has turned muddy and slippery.  This situation is only going to get worse because we still have not had a lot of rain or a snow melt since the dog park has opened; and a lot of the grass is gone.  Mudfests await us all in our dog park future, so I suggest everyone get a good set of boots for when it comes.

Scraps ad Rags eventually meandered into the small dog park around 12:30 as a nice crowd assembled in there.  We met a cool new dog named Wilson, a recent rescue with the wild eyes.  It was his first time to the dog park so we welcome him to both the park and the blog.  We also had Penny the MiniPin who is new to the blog so welcome to her.

[Youtube = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZT9c9rphxg]

The sunlight was good and I was able to capture some good action in the photographs.  With all the dogs, the good lighting and the 2.5 hours we spent at the dog park I took the most photos I have taken so far at the dog park, so check them out.

50% of Profits From Sale of Photos Will Be Donated To Support the Dog Park – To view a slideshow of the photos taken or to purchase downloads ($0.99/download), prints or other items go to my SmugMug link below.  Fifty percent (50%) of all profit made from the sale of any items off of SmugMug will be donated back to the dog park, so get great photos of your dog and support our dog park.

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