2010-10-24 – Morristown Dog Halloween Costume Parade

Though technically not the dog park, the 1st ever Morristown Dogs’ Halloween Costume Parade turned Morristown and the green into freaky doggy park.  Dogs and people are in costumes marching in and around Morristown and Halloween isn’t for another week.

Just after week7 beginners agility dog class with Rags, we headed on over to Morristown to catchup with the dog parade, which was just under way when we arrived.  Rags continued on home to pick up Scraps and they met me at the Green and the parade as it was in progress.  I took a lot of photographs of all the dogs that got dressed up and posted them at the link below.  Check out all the fun and if you weren’t there this year look to participate in it in 2011.

To view a slideshow of the photos taken or to purchase downloads ($0.99/download), prints or other items go to my SmugMug link below.

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