2010-10-19 Central Dog Park at Dusk

When Scraps and Rags arrived at the dog park at 5:00 p.m. the sun had already set behind the western trees, sapping me of all the precious light I want for my dog photographs. Nevertheless, with the clouds from earlier in the day fading out over the eastern skies, we were able to see the smidge from a full moon hover peacefully above the colorful autumn trees.  This all provided a beautiful landscape for all the dogs to play around in.  With all of this splendid nature all around us, we must not forget how fortunate we are that this dog park is now here for us to enjoy and how gorgeous fall is in this neck of the woods.

First in the small dog park, we saw another handful of white dogs who are all realted to each other.  Each one a little different than the other.  I also officially met Tassie, a fluffy Pomeranian, who we will now welcome to the blog.   She reminds me of my cousin Stacy’s Pomeranian, Harry Winston.

Later on n the large dog park we were able to check out the big guys.  It was pretty much the usual crew as far as I could tell.  Rags had a nice little run-in and around with the brown and white Jack Russell who was wearing a Yankee collar.  No wonder they chased each other round in circles.  Actually, the Jack ran in circles and Rags tends to cut her circles off as she barrels into the one she is chasing.  I think I got some of that on video if and when I get around to posting it.  Speaking of which, go back and check older postings both to relive the old moments and see if I posted any dangling video I took from the days. My video posting lags behind everything else.

50% of Profits From Sale of Photos Will Be Donated To Support the Dog Park – To view a slideshow of the photos taken or to purchase downloads ($0.99/download), prints or other items go to my SmugMug link below.  Fifty percent (50%) of all profit made from the sale of any items off of SmugMug will be donated back to the dog park, so get great photos of your dog and support our dog park.

It is a dog eat dog world out there.

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