2010-10-02 – Central Dog Park After Agility Trial

Though cool, this first Saturday in October proved to be a beautiful day.  Scraps had been competing in a CPE agility trial at Lewis Morris Park all day but we got done with that at 5:00 so we had time to drive home, feed both Scraps and Rags and head to the Central Dog Park to get some play time in before dark.

Mozly ran after a deer when she was not on leash in the parking lot. We almost lost her. Be careful out there and leash your dog!

There were lots of dogs in the large dog park including 4 Bassett Hounds and a Beagle named Mozly who was off leash in the parking lot when leaving and when a deer caught his eye, Mozly was off.  He ran down Collins toward the woods and Central Avenue.  For about an hour a posse tried to track him down and it wasn’t looking good for a while as night time was approaching.  We heard someone in a neighborhood called the number on his collar and we assume Mozly was found.  The lesson should ring home for all of us not to take the dog’s safety for granted.  The rule is dogs must be on a leash outside the fenced dog park and it is a good rule that we all need to follow for our dogs’ sake!

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