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2010-06-02 – Denville Dog Park at Sunset

There were lots of dogs playing around when Scraps and Rags arrived around 6:30.  While Ollie left early, the rest of the pack hung around and grew. If someone knows the name of the brown dog at the bottom of this post that arrived around 7:30 please leave a comment and let me know.  Thanks and enjoy.

To view a slideshow of the photos in Picasa Web albums go to the link below:

2010-05-31 – Denville Dog Park – iPhone Camera Shots

Last picture taken on my good camera, the rest are with my iPhone.

When Scarps and Rags arrived at the dog park at 5:30 there was no one there.  I took 5 pictures with my camera and realized I used up all my battery power during the day’s kayak trip on Monksville Reservoir.  Actually, I left the camera on and wasted the battery, but that’s another story.

Scraps and Rags were playing by alone then Darby arrived, followed by Ollie and Grace.  Oh well, I had no pictures to take so I figured there would be no blog posting tonight.  Then a new dog to me and the blog came, Lily the brown-patched poodle?  I therefore wanted to get some pictures so I broke out the iPhone to capture a few moments.  That is my excuse for the bad quality pictures and no link to an external web album with additional photos.  Until next time when I’ll have full battery power and better pictures.

2010-05-30 – Denville Dog Park Just After Sunset

Scraps and Rags joined the fun at the dog park at 7:10 on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.  Besides Darby and Quick who have been on this blog before, there were 4 new dogs to join in on the blog including Molly, Charlie, Lola and Cloe.  The sun set behind the mountains by the time we arrived.  While this must have been nice for those already at the park since it was hot with the sun out, I just missed out on glowing sunlight for the pictures.  Nevertheless, I was able to capture what I could of the action.   Charlie was getting anyone excited that he could and Molly and Darby had a good fight and tug-of-war. Quick chased the ball back and forth and Cloe somehow survived.

To view a slideshow of the photos in Picasa Web albums go to the link below:

2010-05-26 – Denville Dog Park at Sunset

This will be some of your first introductions to one of my photo blogs with today’s posting of pictures.  Actually, this is my first attempt at a photo blog so let’s see how it goes.  I take lots of pictures and all your dogs are so photogenic so I like to share them with you and I am using DenvilleDogPark.com as my vehicle, so hop aboard and enjoy the ride.

Typically, I will just post a few photo on a page a place a link to my Picasa web album where I will upload the bulk of the pictures I take from any day I’m at the dog park.  From Picasa you can easily download photos you want, forward them to friends, comments on them, etc.  All the good stuff Google and Picasa give you.

Finally, please pardon any and all mistakes I make while typing the blog and not proof-reading it. I do several of these blogs archiving the times of my life and I often refer to them as “Diary of the Mouth.”  So there you have it, enjoy, participate and “Keep Roughing It.”

Larry (Scraps and Rags father)

To view a slideshow of the photos in Picasa Web albums go to the link below: