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2010-07-23 Denville Dog Park before and after sunset

Once again, after visiting the new Morris County dog park by Greystone, Scraps and Rags headed on over to the tried and true Denville Dog Park for a visit with some of their friends.  Just to report, while there are no amenities like water, seats or garbage pails, the new dog park looks like it is secure to use with a nice fence around both the small dog park, which is nicely shaded and the rolling grass fields of the main area.  It is worth checking out if you want to give you dog a place to really run.  In Denville tonight, there were no new dogs but plenty of old friends to share the humidity with.

To view a slideshow of the photos in Picasa Web albums go to the link below:

2010-07-22 Denville Dog Park before and after sunset

On my way to the Denville Dog Park I noticed the competition, the new Morris County Dog Park by Greystone, and it was having a soft opening.  The fence was completed for the small dog park and Scraps and Rags decided to check it out before we all headed to the Denville Dog Parkas planned.  Will I need to set up a Morris County Dog Park blog or do I join forces with DenvilleDogPark.com?  I will likely have and new one for that dog park while setting up links between to two so you can follow Scraps and Rags where ever they play.

When I made it to the Denville Dog Park there were a few new dogs that showed up.  They include Charlie the brown lab, who I will tag as CharlieBrown.   Then there was Molly the golden dog and GracieTan the Buddy look alike  Finally, there was Riley the majestic long-haired auburn German Shepard with the amber eyes.  Then there were lots of the rest of the ordinary crowd.

To view a slideshow of the photos in Picasa Web albums go to the link below:

2010-07-21 Denville Dog Park after sunset – Coco’s Mom’s iPhone Photos

Coco finally got to meet Charlie (the other chocolate lab puppy) and I (Coco’s mom) took some pictures this evening (with my iPhone — not great quality).