2010-08-20 – Morris County Central Dog Park – Biked Over Before Sunset

TGIF and Scraps and Rags were all excited to prepare for the weekend with a trip to the Central Dog Park after their dinner.  We loaded them up on the back of our bikes and pedaled on down to the dog park on a beautifully just over a flat mile away from home.  This was the type of experience we were hoping for with the opening of the new dog park and this Friday evening’s nice weather afforded us the opportunity to hit up this new dog park in style.

Already early in its existence, this dog park has attracted many people and tonight we had a nice crowd of dogs including many small ones.  We saw some of our doggy buddies from the Denville Dog  Park including Jax and Chester.   Best of all, Scraps found a cute little doggy buddy named Patches who hung out with Scraps from the moment they first laid noses on each other.  We walked laps around the dog park and Patches followed us around with Scraps.  They really hit it off.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do a good job on taking pictures and I am stuck with what I have.  It’s a difficult place to get good pictures with the trees blocking the sun from many angles.  I’m going to have to focus, pardon the pun, concentrate and learn how to get good pictures in the more sun-challenged environment of the Central Dog Park.

To view a slideshow of the photos in Picasa Web albums go to the link below:

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