Denville Dog Park

This dog park is open to members only with passes which are available to both Denville residents and non-Denville residents.  Since this website is unofficial, please refer to the Denville Township Website for up-to-date information. The information below was posted on the Township of Denville’s Website at the following link:

Dog Park Passes

  • Denville residents – Annual fee: $35.00 plus a one-time fee of $10.00 for the magnetic gate key.
  • Non-resident – Annual fee $50.00 plus a one-time fee of $10.00 for the magnetic gate key.

Required documentation for all passes

  • Proof that the dog is licensed by a NJ municipality
  • Proof that the dog is current on its shots (specific shots required are listed on the application)
  • Proof that the dog has had a negative fecal test with the last 6 months.
  • A completed dog park application form

For more information view the:

11 responses to “Denville Dog Park

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  2. Hello, my name is Virginia Fasulo and I am a representative for the American Cancer Society. We are interested in holding a Bark For Life fundraising event this year for Denville and I was wondering if the Denville Dog Park would be a good venue for this event. It would take place between 9 and 1 on a Saturday in August. We would have a dog walk of between 1 and 2 miles and activities, entertainment, contests, prizes and more. If anyone is interested in helping to plan this event, please feel free to contact me at (973) 285-8041. Thank you!


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